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Driverís Ed: Sharing the Road with Bicyclists Print

Today, more bikes are on the road as more travelers are choosing bicycling as a healthy and pro-environmental mode of transportation for commuting, shopping and other short trips. Todayís motorists, however, have little experience sharing the road with bikes. Unfortunately, driverís ed classes only teach how to manage the road with other motorists, not bicyclists. The Hudson TMA recognizes this gap and will provide a forty minute inter-active lecture on the subject to high school driverís ed classes. The presentation offers a discussion on how to share the road with cyclists and understand the bicyclistís perspective. As a guest lecturer, TMA staff will also teach where to expect bicycles and why they travel in a particular part of a lane. Any high school in Hudson County can request for the TMA to provide this presentation to their driverís ed class at no cost. To request the program for your school or to obtain more information, contact us at:

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