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Flextime & Compressed Work Weeks Print

The following information is provided to assist your company in adopting a policy to allow alternate work hour schedules. Such strategies assist in traffic congestion mitigation efforts as well as business productivity. The Hudson TMA will be of assistance to employer representatives looking to create, propose or promote these opportunities.


Flextime allows employees to adjust the time they begin and end work, usually outside of peak commute times. The Hudson TMA encourages employers to provide Flextime scheduling for their employees. Flextime can include a permanent shift in work hours or may be part of a rotating schedule. Employees appreciate Flextime as they are able to enjoy an easier commute and have a greater opportunity to tend to personal needs before or after work. Flexibility in work schedules reduces absenteeism and promotes a happier workforce while increasing productivity. It allows the employer to offer its customers extended service hours w/out overtime or hiring costs.

Compressed Work Week

The HTMA supports the use of the Compressed Work Week at the work site. It is easily implemented by the employee slightly increasing the number of hours working per day so the employee works fewer days in the week. This reduces commute trips and allows the employee extra time for family, school, and errands without compromising on employee productivity. Three possible Compressed Work Week plans are:

4/40 Work 40 hrs over 4 days. Employees off 1 day a week.
9/80 Work 80 hrs over 9 days. Employees off 1 day every 2 weeks.
3/36 Work 36 hrs over 3 days. Employees off 2 days every week.

To receive more information or to schedule a meeting to discuss enacting this program e-mail or call the TMA at (201) 324-6222

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