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The Hudson TMA is working to assist commuters and employers in preparing for the impact of the Pulaski Skyway rehabilitation project. Over the past months, TMA staff has been providing presentations to both administrators and employees so all can understand how they will be affected and what should be considered in order to lessen the impact on commuting. These presentations are free and can be tailored to the needs of specific groups. To contact the TMA, call 201-324-6222 ext 3229 or email info@hudsontma.org.

Below is some information which may be helpful.

ON April 12, 2014 the Pulaski Skyway will be closing for repairs in the North/East direction (towards the Holland Tunnel) and will remain closed for two years. Lanes traveling in the South/West direction (towards Newark) will remain open. Of the 35,000 vehicles that travel in the North/East direction each day, approximately 9,600 do so during the morning rush hour period (6am to 9am) and will have to find new ways to reach Jersey City and Hoboken. All commuters traveling to or through Jersey City will be impacted; not just those who currently use the Pulaski Skyway.

The New Jersey Department of Transportation (NJDOT) is working to accommodate these motorists by providing travel alternatives, increasing mode capacity and informing the public of all possible options.

The Hudson TMA is assisting NJDOT in bringing the information directly to Hudson County businesses and their employees.


  • The eastbound shoulder of the New Jersey Turnpike Newark Bay-Hudson County Extension (I-78) will be converted into a third travel lane during morning and evening peak travel periods. This will enable that route to accommodate about 4,500 additional vehicles per morning peak period.
  • Route 1&9 T, will receive adaptive traffic signal control technology and entrance ramp improvements to help accommodate additional traffic heading toward Jersey City which will be able to accommodate nearly 1,700 additional vehicles per morning peak.
  • The Jersey Avenue traffic signal will be retimed to favor the Turnpike traffic in order to improve mobility.
  • Lift bridge openings over the Hackensack and Passaic Rivers will be restricted to improve mobility on 1&9.
  • 25 Dynamic Message Signs are being installed to help motorists make mid-trip route decisions based on current travel times.
  • Since crashes, breakdowns and other incidents snarl traffic on congested roadways, the NJDOT is staging NJDOT Safety Service Patrol trucks in critical areas and arranging for tow trucks to respond to incidents as quickly as possible. It is also coordinating with Newark, Kearny and Jersey City emergency services to promote their timely responses.


  • NJ TRANSIT is operating a new bus line, the #95, which offers service along the Route 22 Corridor between Watchung and Newark Penn Station serving several intermediate communities via Mountain and Morris Avenues. There is be a Park and Ride located at Sears at Terrill Ave and Rt 22. The #95 provides 330 seats for customers during each travel period.
  • NJ TRANSIT is adding additional seating capacity on the Raritan Valley Line trains operating to Newark Penn Station during the morning peak period (6 a.m. to 10 a.m.) and from Newark Penn Station during the evening (4 p.m. to 8 p.m.) peak. This will add 1,260 seats during each period.
  • NJ TRANSIT is adding two train trips each morning and two train trips each evening on the Morris & Essex Lines between Summit and Hoboken Terminal. Two of the trains will operate during the peak periods, with the other two trains operating just outside of peak times, resulting in an additional 900 seats each morning and evening.
  • NJ TRANSIT is adding one trip during the morning peak and one trip during the evening peak on the North Jersey Coast Line between Bay Head and Hoboken. This will add an additional 460 seats during each period.
  • The Port Authority of New York & New Jersey is increasing the frequency of PATH departures from Newark Penn Station during the peak hours to help accommodate an additional 6,000 passengers.
  • NJDOT is working on the possibility of a new Ferry service from Atlantic Highlands to Jersey City.
  • NJ DOT is working on the possibility of a Park and Ride in Newark near Rt 78 at Haynes Ave with a shuttle to Jersey City.


  • NJDOT will provide $325-per-month subsidies for vanpools which meet the program criteria.
  • Hudson TMA will provide ridematching services for commuters willing to consider carpooling or vanpooling by matching them with those who work and live in the same area. Once matched, the TMA will assist the commuter in forming or joining an existing carpool or vanpool.


  • Turnpike Eastern Spur is expected to be able to handle an additional 1,500 vehicles in the morning peak period.
  • There are available pay for parking in Harrison and then a trip on the PATH may be a preferred alternative to I-280.
  • There are seats available on 12 bus routes traveling from suburban communities to Newark PATH which can be taken to Jersey City.
  • Teleworking (working from home) flextime and comp work week identify opportunities for employees to work from home or to flex the start of their workday around the peak morning travel period.
  • PATH service in Hoboken will be able to accommodate additional customers for trips to Jersey City or New York City.
  • There is parking available at the North Bergen Tonnelle Avenue, Bayonne 34th Street and the Jersey City West Side Avenue Light Rail Station.
  • Hudson TMA staff offers free Trip Planning Services to any commuter looking to find a new mass transit route or to simplify an existing one.
  • A free Traffic Alert Service is available to all travelers through the Hudson TMA website which will send traffic alerts to a cell phone or email address in real time.
  • The Hudson TMA provides education programs which teach how to ride a bike in an urban environment for local commuters willing to bike to work.
  • Comments and suggestions are encouraged by visiting the website, www.pulaskiskyway.com.
  • Cameras have been placed throughout the corridors. NJDOT will be continuously evaluating the traffic patterns and looking for more enhancements and new options.
  • NJ 511 will also have updated information available.

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