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The Hudson TMA, founded in 1994, is committed to meeting Hudson County's ever-growing and diverse transportation needs. It works with a variety of agencies and businesses, as well as individuals to lessen the traffic which cripples our communities and endangers our environment.

The TMA works with federal, state, and local transit related organizations by providing assistance in construction and traffic mitigating projects affecting Hudson County travelers. The Hudson TMA additionally promotes the use of all forms of public transportation such as train, light rail, bus and ferry within Hudson County. The TMA also acts as a liaison between the commuting public and many transit agencies.

Hudson TMA offers, via e-mail, daily real time traffic, construction, and ozone alerts to individuals and businesses. The HTMA staff provides daily trip planning and is a resource for transit map, fare and scheduling information.

Working with the Hudson County community, each year the HTMA provides pedestrian, bicycle and driving safety seminars to school children, adults, seniors and various community groups. The Hudson TMA also promotes the federal program, Safe Routes to School, which includes Walk and Bike to School programs. The HTMA participates in many county and municipal sponsored community and cultural events, as well as Earth Day and family health fairs.

Additionally, the TMA collaborates with state, county, and city planners on surveys, corridor studies, circulation studies, and master plan revisions which concern mass transportation issues. The TMA also participates in transit improvement projects as well as assist transit agencies with route development, expansion and enhancement.

At no cost to an employer, the Hudson TMA works in developing, promoting, and monitoring employee commuter transportation programs for businesses, many of which offer financial benefits to both employers and employees. Hudson works to improve and simplify the commute for employees which helps the commuter save time and money as well as reduce stress and improve their on-time performance. The TMA also provides outreach to local businesses and community groups on behalf of transit agencies.

As many companies continue to relocate in Hudson County, the TMA staff offers free assistance to address any concerns regarding transit services and will assist in planning the new commute for the employees before they move. This can be done at the original worksite. Hudson staff are able to make presentations regarding transit options as part of the company’s relocation preparation efforts.

The TMA endorses and assists in the formation of shuttles, vanpools and carpools. It offers, at no charge, programs and incentives helping commuters to continue traveling by alternate means of transportation, ensuring a decrease in the use of single occupancy vehicles. Emergency Ride Home is an incentive program we offer. The TMA also provides bicycle and walking related programs for those who may choose to travel in that manner to work or school.

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